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Many companies today are realizing the burden of managing and maintaining payroll, human resources and administrating a moveable workforce. NTS works with the client to plan for upcoming projects, placement of associates, relocation and recruiting to ensure that your project is staffed correctly. If you are considering outsource labor as a way to reduce in house cost, we can help.

What we provide:
  • Short term or long term staffing.
  • Recruiting for specific project requirements.
  • An outsourcing plan that ensures you maintain your current staff.
  • On-line time sheet entry from any location.
  • Cost repeating by service item or work classes.

Customer Advantages:
  • Reduce your in-house overhead required to process payroll, per diem/travel, expenses, taxes, etc.
  • Reduce or eliminate field worker compensation insurance.
  • No more state or federal payroll tax liabilities to manage.
  • No more worries about keeping up on multiple state tax laws.
  • More time to focus on your core business and profit centers.
We strive to provide highly skilled and productive staff to the construction industry at a competitive price. By grouping our associates with thousands of others we are able to reduce overall payroll cost, benefit cost and workers comp cost to provide you competitive staffing costs. Your department or business will realize the savings through reduced in-house overhead and higher profit margins due to more focused management on the core business and profit centers.

How do we bill the Client?
  • All inclusive flat rate billable based on set wage ranges.
  • Actual wage plus percentage.
  • Actual expense report cost for per-diem and travel expense plus set percentage.